Part 12: Cloudflare Access – Like a Bouncer, only smarter

January 21, 2020 - Reading time: 5 minutes

Cloudflare Access can be used to secure any URL in less than a minute!  We will secure our Grafana instance behind Cloudflare Access.  There are numerous authentication methods available including Google, Facebook, and Cloudflare’s own One-Time Pin.  Auditing is also available.  


The first step is to configure your Login Page Domain and Login Methods.  We will specify “makerflare” as our domain and use One-Time Pin for authentication. 


An access policy can now be configured.  Here we will specify our subdomain (admin), and our URL path “grafana”.  This allows us to secure  We also set the session duration as 24 hours.  This means that further access is granted automatically for 24 hours without having to re-authenticate.


Finally, we can configure the policy to “Allow” specific email addresses.  A One-Time Pin code is sent to the email address, and needs to be entered at a login page before Cloudflare will allow visitors to access the secured URL.  




Cloudflare Access allows us to secure whatever we want with a variety of authentication methods.    


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